Queerly Not Straight: 'Warrior Nun' Needed To Be Gayer

Queerly Not Straight: ‘Warrior Nun’ Needed To Be Gayer

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Netflix’s Warrior Nun needed to be gayer. It’s one of the few things that bothered me about this show, despite the fact that Beatrice came out to Ava in a beautiful scene we will discuss in a second. But to me, personally, if felt like Netflix was just checking a box. Here you go, you have your gay character. Be happy.

Not today, Netflix. I need more. 

That’s not to say that coming out stories aren’t important. They are super important. And if one person saw themselves in Beatrice, considering the disdain of the uber religious when it comes to LGBTQ+ people, then her confession was worth it. It just felt awkward and out of place. The confession I mean.


Beatrice and Ava were spending time together, trying to break down what was in that Warrior Nun book and the blockages in Ava’s life. Shit got personal real quick and I liked that it did. But the confession came out of nowhere and wasn’t brought up again. And as queer people we are more than the confession that lets the world know we’re queer.

Maybe they’re saving it for season 2? That’s the only excuse that I can come up with for the lack of gay when it comes to Warrior Nun. And we all know that Beatrice isn’t going away anytime soon if they get another season. So here’s hoping that Simon Barry, the showrunner of Warrior Nun, makes our queer dreams come true by giving us more queer Beatrice and what it means to her.

And then there’s the Ava about the whole situation. No one, and I repeat, no one touches another person’s face like that if there isn’t some sort of connection between them. And like the confession, I did feel like it came out of nowhere when Beatrice lovingly cupped Ava’s face. Like, I’m swooning. I always swoon when it comes to queer antics that make you go, “Awww!”

Then I hit up Tumblr. And gosh darn it do those people make sense and have the receipts to prove what they saw, which is a plan to bring these two together from the very beginning. Tumblr also reminded me of Ava saying that she would have sex with someone. Not a man. Not a woman. Just someone. And if that’s not bisexual energy, THEN WHAT IS!?

Point being, there’s the beginnings of something beautiful between Beatrice and Ava and my queer self is poised and ready for everything coming out way when it comes to Warrior Nun. Because I’m willing this shit to life, everyone. They are getting a second season and they are going to give us more queer Beatrice and bisexual Ava.

The gays have spoken!

Warrior Nun is available on Netflix.


Queerly Not Straight posts every Tuesday with opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx community since I am Latinx.)

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