Peacock Acquires YA Drama ‘Noughts + Crosses’

You know when you see a trailer and you go: Oh, I can see people taking the completely wrong message from this? That was me and Noughts + Crosses.

First, the news: Peacock has acquired the BBC’s YA drama series Noughts + Crosses, based on the book series of the same name, which imagines a world in which Africa colonized Europe, and one in which, despite the fact that slavery is now a thing of the past, a revolution is rising.

As a thought exercise – and hey, maybe even a book, it sounds interesting, but am I the only one worried that the visual will just give fodder to some people’s idea of victimization? Though I guess art shouldn’t worry about that. But I do.

You can check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think:

The show starts at least one familiar face – Fangirlish favorite Paterson Joseph, who we loved as Connor Mason on Timeless.

Will you be checking out Noughts + Crosses?
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