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Caity Lotz, Performative Feminism, and Ruining Sara Lance

Caity Lotz, Performative Feminism, and Ruining Sara Lance
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  1. Ria says:

    Stopped reading at the 3rd line.
    “with a series of tweets preaching about loving those who oppress”.
    No, that’s not what she wrote or “preached”.
    That’s your interpretation.

  2. Venera says:

    Why do you lie???? First you guys never supported Caity or Sara, you supported Avalance – a white straight man’s vision about lesbians. Second: Caity never said you should love oppressors, homophobs or racists, SHE SAID TO LOVE PEOPLE, NORMAL PEOPLE, WHO JUST HAS DIFFERENT POLITICAL BELIEFS.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      I haven’t watched LOT in ages, so “you guys” seems like a very broad generalization. Also, Caity said love Trump voters, which include oppressors, homophobes and racists. Very easy correlation to be made there.

  3. Dawn says:

    So biden sexually assaulting a woman or touching them inappropriately in public is your definition of feminism ? She said love and respect everyone regardless of their choices and beliefs . Sth people of lgbtq , people of color and people who have been an outcast just coz they think different have been asking for , for decades. Its really funny how people misinterpret her words like that . This view that biden voters are angels and trump voters are demons is very wrong and shows how blind and ignorant some can be . I know some amazing people who voted for trump , it doesn’t mean they are racists or sexists. The way you treat people is your choice but I will never judge someone just because they think different because I’m not in the place to do so . Lastly if you cannot diffentiate between a fictional superhero and a real life actress and you allow that actress and her beliefs change your view of the Hero she portrays then i guess you never believed or loved Sara lance aka white Canary anyway .

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