‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 12×03 Review: “Angry Karen”

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  1. Much better episode then last week’s.
    Sorry, but I don’t see Nell completely being in charge at all. May I remind everyone that this is just another temporally fix it, and that once Hetty can come home, she’ll go back to OPS, Hetty will be back at her desk, and that’ll be it?! It’s not permanent.
    And I think Sam was being really mean when he said those things about Hetty. (for all we know, she had to leave immediately for wherever she’s at and didn’t really want to force Nell to return.). And I still don’t buy the whole ‘this has been forshadowed for years’ bit. I’ve always looked at Hetty being a mentor for Nell so she can be an agent instead of being the boss. Also, being in charge is so much more then taking phone calls and sitting at a desk, it also requires making very hard choices that can be the very difference between life and death! And Hetty is the one with those skills, and I doubt Nell has any of that. All she really can do right now is keep the agents alive until Hetty can come home and lets her go back to being an agent. (which I’m sure she’ll be happy to go back to.)

    Looking forward to seeing Deeks eventually become an NCIS agent. (we all know it’ll happen eventually.)

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      No need to apologize for your opinion at all! I also don’t believe Nell is at Hetty’s level, but no one is. Hopefully Linda can come back and this is a pointless exercise, I’ll take Hetty every day, but I’ve never found Nell a bad option – with a hell of a lot more training, and certainly not by herself. Parts of the job need to fall on Callen, by default.

      But we 100% agree on Deeks. It’s been 84 years …it’s time.

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