‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 12×14 Review: “The Noble Maidens”

NCISLA 12X14 "The Noble Maidens"
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  1. Hetty will be back. Anyone who knows her very well knows very well she wouldn’t just abandon her team completely. And without her, this show just isn’t interesting.

  2. Teresa says:

    With Hetty feeling Callen is the closest thing to a son she’ll ever have I’m disappointed she is disappearing with no communication to him. I hope the show remedies this. I do see growth in Callen, but I see pettiness in Sam. Callen wants to apologize (a big step for him) and Sam tells him he’s too tired to listen!!!! Callen has been there for Sam all the time yet when Callen needs Sam’s support all he gets are insults. I used to love the Callen and Sam dynamic but I don’t like all the sniping Sam does, even to the point of Sam making snide suggestions that they should no longer be partners!!! He did this when, in a previous ep, he suggested Callen take over for Hetty and, when Callen mentioned they’d no longer be able to be partners, Sam replies it would be a win, win situation!!! Please, writers, make Sam shape up. I don’t like Nell as Operations Manager. She has no credentials. Barely a field agent and now she’s telling the real field agents what to do????? Does not make sense. And is CBS trying to kill this show? It is pre-empted so many times I can’t stand it. Or it’s put on at a later time and then it’s difficult to DVR it. When I record NCIS LA I sure don’t want to see the Equalizer come on instead!!!

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