Chicago P.D.’s Hailey Upton Deserves to Be the Hero of Her Own Story

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Safe" Episode 814 --
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  1. EmilyLuchia says:

    I need someone from the Wolf entertainment universe to read this because it expresses in the clearest, most direct and respectful way what many viewers are feeling.
    Thank you Lizzie for shaping the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that the last episode left behind.

  2. Maya says:

    I sincerely admire your optimism with all this. My biggest issue is that she shut him out again right after all the talk in 8.11. All the time, she implied he’s a distraction for her full capacity at work, when their partnership is built over trust and balance. Even the truck scene I saw issues, they’ve been together for so long, love each other, why not call him ‘babe’, instead of ‘dude’? I feel like writers for the show don’t talk among themselves, cause they dropped the essence of upstead or have no idea on the strength of it. Hopefully that mess in 8.14 isn’t beyond fixing.

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