‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

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  1. Rachelle says:

    There are definitely vibes between Jane & Kai. The captain & jane were very stale to me. Hopefully the chemistry improves b/c I think they intend for him to be a long term love interest for her.

  2. grey beard says:

    Awful the writing was bad they actually had the agent that was from Hawaii use the line I am new to the island after he asked for a drink only a local would know. Then they had another agent get arestted for no reason and of course he would not show them his badge. No that would make sense instead he spends the night in jail and is late for his new job come on ! The writing is bad the casting is bad what do they have against women over 5 feet tall and why are all the women gay ! They write like this is a soap opera and a bad one at that. This is suppose to be about military people and the military and despite this be their third NCIS they act like they don’t know anything about the military. Getting arrestted will get you fired from Ncis and court martial and sorry woke people but the military is not a hot bed for hot sexy lesbians. In other words if you want to watch a soap opera based on Ncis with no creditabilty then this is your show. If you were looking for a show about the real lifestyle of the military this is not your show. OMG one more thing why is it everyone on these shows are miserable either they hate their mom or dad. Or they hate their ex-husband or wife or they are just miserable about everything. I was in the military my family was in the military and shocker everyone was happy unlike tv shows SEAL’s and NCIS where everyone is miserable. You know what real people do when they are miserable or hate their jobs they quit and get another one. I am sick of this crap this is why NCIS New Orleans went off the air if it wasn’t for Mark Harmon the orginal would be gone to. Note: I give that two seasons after Mark Harmon leaves.

  3. beepy says:

    Yeah it’s hard to say exactly what they’re doing with the captain since he’s a recurring guest star and not a series regular. That could simply be contractual distinction, but I don’t know how busy Enver is and if he’s slated long term. We shall see!

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