‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×06 Pictures: “End of Watch”

One Chicago Ships Check — In: October 27
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  1. Joanna Franklin says:

    My favorite TV show. I watch reruns on ION channel every Thursday. (Even though I’ve seen every episode over 10 times). I look forward to a productive work week, because I’m looking forward to, what I’ve titled, “Chicago PD Thursday”. I love how Voight, “Grunts”, and stares into the other actor(s) eyes, while he/she is speaking. I love each character and how they deal with love and life. Im not an actor, but would love to appear on the show. WHAT JOJO! Yes, I’m asking for a small roll..???

    Or, b(901) 6083001
    Jojo, from Memphis, Tennessee

  2. Roy Peterson says:

    Better get the girl that left no matter what it takes. As soon as possible of not sooner trust me as an avid viewer!!!

  3. Renee Heath says:

    I loved Episode 6. I know Jay and Hailey are engaged. But I prefer Adam and Kim as a couple. I know they were supposed to get married, and Adam messed that up. But they lost a baby, adopted a child and are together it seems as a family. I know the writers won’t have 2 married couples on the show. But I believe Kim and Adam have a better relationship and love for one another. And let’s get Kevin a love interest that lasts please. Thank you.

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