‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×07 Pictures: “Trust Me”

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    You will think the whole unit turn their backs on voight one person won’t thats ruzek

  2. Rich says:

    You have to get over the idea that the team will turn on Voight. That will not happen, if it ever does, until the final season of the show. Ruzek will never turn on Voight, he owes his freedom and career to him. As Ruzek goes so goes Kim. Kim may not be too pleased with Hailey if she learns the truth. This is building to Voight-Ruzek-Burgess on one side with Jay on the other. Kevin is in the middle, but possibly siding with Jay. Hailey is in a difficult place emotionally with her love of Jay and relying on Voight to protect her from what happened with Roy.

  3. VulcanJohn1 says:


    Not to be disparaging at all, but have you ever watched the show? You have it completely backwards. As Kim goes Adam goes, and it has always been that way since the beginning and even more now that she has Makayla and they are his family. Yes, Adam has been a Voight and Alvin guy since the beginning of the show, however since he and Kevin had it out at the end of season 8, he has been doing his best to change and be a good cop. Also, there are several examples going back to season 6 when the team looks to Jay for leadership because they don’t know is they can trust Voight. Jay hasn’t trusted Voight since season three because he trusted Antonio (who brought Jay into the unit) and Antonio never trusted Voight. Kevin hasn’t trusted Voight since season 5 when Voight tried to convince Kevin to murder an unarmed bad guy in an ally before anyone else showed up to see what really happened. Kim since the end of Season 6 has looked to Jay for moral leadership. Hailey obviously doesn’t trust Voight anymore since the Roy thing at the end of season 8. Adam just lost another mentor (Ortiz) last episode because he was a dirty cop, and lost Alvin a few season ago (because of Voight). He knows that he needs to change with the times. Kim and Hailey have both broke up with him at different times because of his philosophy of good policing and how he reacted to situations. After this last episode he knows that Kim is right and she is his family, he will trust her instincts. Lastly, Adam alluded to the fact that he thinks Jay is a perfect in episode 4 of this season. He asks Hailey if Jay snores, sleepwalks, or please has some kind of flaw to make him less perfect. I honestly think that with Kevin, Hailey, and Kim backing Jay, Adam will see the light.

  4. Rich says:

    The show is interesting because of Voight. The idea that everyone will turn on him and you have a show, is crazy. Antonio could have taken Voight out in Season 1 and Season 5, but as he told Voight “just because we see things differently (doesn’t mean I’d go behind your back.) I don’t do business that way.” They have teased that the team will be “fractured.” I don’t think that means Voight vs. Everyone. It probably means Voight vs. Jay with everyone else conflicted to some degree. Adam and Kim are in an odd place. They are together and not together. Voight is important to Adam. Plus, Voight was doing everything to save Kim and Hailey lied to Kim about Roy being alive. Voight probably wants everyone else in the dark as to Roy to protect them. Jay and Hailey would agree with this. So Adam, Kim and Kevin will see conflict between Jay and Hank and not understand what’s going on. They will probably figure it out at some point. Adam won’t care that Roy is dead or how it happened and neither will Kim. Kevin probably will care and care about how it happened. Ultimately, the unit will fracture and come together.

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