Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Was Better Than the Anime, #ISaidWhatISaid

Netflix's 'Cowboy Bebop' Was Better Than the Anime, #ISaidWhatISaid
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  1. Fredrick Beondo says:

    Granted, I read your article before diving into Cowboy Soul, mainly because all I have seen leading up to the actual premiere has been light praise of the dedication they have gone through to honor the property, but mostly groaning complaints about the failure to truly capture anime to a live-action medium. So coming right out and saying that and hashtagging the NeNe Leakes GIF is brave LOL…and here’s the thing:

    One of the first complaints I had read was how not hot Faye was, as in her wardrobe.

    Oh go get fucked till you fall off the planet.

    Okay, maybe the 22-23 years since the anime has made a reconsider of that needed. I don’t care though, because it’s the character not what she wears that defines Faye Valentine for me.

    And, big one here, let’s be honest, there was no way to present this that wasn’t going to piss off a portion of the audience anyway. If it was done with a slavish amount of detail to duplicate the original ‘sessions’, there would be the portion who find that uninteresting, ‘I can just go watch the anime if I wanted to see that’ types. It seems, even off titles, as yes, they acknowledge the original, but they will retell these stories in the best way they can in the storytelling manner they use. No one has really mentioned the fact that where the original anime sessions were about a half hour in length, these Netflix ones are closer to an hour, so there is space to fill that extra background info to inform the viewer that the anime never could.

    [spoiler space]

    I also loved how the opening casino heist in Cowboy Soul was a direct lift of the similar opening store robbery from the Cowboy Bebop Movie, which slots inbetween sessions 22 and 23 of the anime iirc.

    [/spoiler space]

    I am definitely intrigued to see just how good the sukiyaki they are making of the original Bebop stew is going to taste when it is all said and done.

    I also hope they do get a second set of sessions to continue telling us this new Bebop story, and give us Ed (unless they do and I just haven’t got there yet LOL)!

  2. Fredrick Beondo says:

    Aaaaand it’s cancelled >:(*

  3. Stephanie Ann says:

    I agree. In 15 years all the people who killed the series will be complaining that it didn’t get a second season. This Spike dying was going to hit way harder.

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