‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×12 Review: “To Protect”

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  1. Rich says:

    We have to remember that this is not “Chicago Relationships,” it’s Chicago PD and there are times when the police drama and procedural aspects of the show will take precedence over the relationships. To Protect was an excellent episode and an important one. The episode sets up a new dynamic between Jay and Hank. Jay will not be Hank’s equal, but Hank is taking input from him. Inevitably there will be conflict between the two, but for now at least things are off to a good start. We saw the Intelligence Unit work well as a team and everyone contribute, though Hailey was pushed to the side more than she should have been as Jay was last week. Loved seeing Burgess and Ruzek tailing a suspect. Anna as a CI and her back story worked well and having Jay warm to her is important going forward. My guess is this will end up being the story arc to end the season, when the team attempts to take down Javier. Anna’s life and maybe another member of the Unit’s life in jeopardy when the team goes after him. Will Voight cross lines? Will he keep Jay in the loop? There are a lot of possibilities. Javier is someone who is smart and careful so it will take Anna a while to get the information she needs to go after this suspect and why it could take till the end of the season to resolve.

    My only issues with this episode are no Trudy, we all need Trudy Platt and the timing of it. I could be wrong but as stated above, I think it will be a while before we see a resolution to this storyline. As such, it would have been better if this aired as episode 11 and Lies aired as episode 12. When Chicago PD returns from it’s month long break, I suspect that the Celeste angle and Burzek-Makayla stories will pick up. Going into this break, Lies would have been a better place to pause.

    Why is Jay protecting Hank? How anyone has watched the show can ask that is beyond me. Ray Price wanted to take out a cop for political purposes and Halstead (despite doing nothing wrong) was that cop. Hank saved Jay by blackmailing Price. When Jay lost it with Camilla and he could have lost his career, it was Hank and Hailey that saved him and it was Hank and Hailey that forced him into therapy and got him to take it seriously for his undiagnosed PTSD. Though Jay did not do anything wrong, Marcus West died as a result of his actions. Superintendent Crawford would have buried Jay and Hank prevented him from doing that. Aside from the good that Hank has done for the city, Hank has saved Jay and Jay is loyal as a result.

  2. Gee says:

    Boring episode. I struggled to watch it. The sharpness, the action and the grit of catching the bad guys get caught is not there. Maybe adding new people to the team who aren’t married or looking for love will add some intensity to the show. Season 9 is off to a bad start so the hiatus is on time. Hope things improve for the writers and all the characters. Not one of my favorite shows right now. Let’s get some new people on this team. G.

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