‘Chicago P.D’ 9×13 Review: “Still Water”

Chicago P.D. 9x13
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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with you that we should have seen Will on PD or the Halsteads on Med by now. Having said that, Will’s absence in the episode was necessary. Dr. Scott did not know Hailey was a cop so he dismissed what she said, whereas if Will was there he would have taken what she said more seriously and the suspect would have been taken into custody. They needed him to escape. Dr. Scott not knowing Hailey is understandable. He hasn’t been a cop for at least 5 years, probably longer. While he knows Jay and Kevin, he may not know the other members of Intelligence.

    What worries me after seeing this episode is Hailey’s jogging routine. The Intelligence Unit goes after some of the most dangerous criminals in Chicago and now we have one member of that unit in a regular routine, where she is alone at night and possibly unarmed. This makes her a target to the more organized adversaries that Intelligence takes on. I hope the season finale does not involve a cliff hanger with Hailey, like the end of Season 8 had with Kim. I know that at some point, Voight and Jay are going to but heads on how a case gets handled. Hopefully, they will not put Hailey in the middle of it- or at least not this soon.

    Tracy Spiridakos deserves an Emmy for her performance this season.

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