Chicago P.D. 9×22 Review: “You and Me”

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  1. Rich says:

    I like your post and appreciate your point of view, but I disagree with your view on this episode. I have loved the Anna storyline and Carmela Zumbado’s performance all season long. I also liked the multiple episode storyline and long term investigation. The only reason Anna is dead is because she did not trust Voight in this episode. He kept her from going to the meeting place where she could have been killed. He put her in a safe house and had police protection arranged for her and told her they were arresting Escando. She should have realized that she was safe. Unfortunately, we don’t always use logic. Sometimes we allow our emotions to take over and do things we shouldn’t. Anna never regained control of her emotions and acted on her emotions when she should not have and it cost her.

    I do believe that Voight did want Escando to live because Voight could have set this up as a self defense incident or maybe assault with a deadly weapon charge. “Fixing a murder case” would have been much harder. Plus, once the cartel’s money was seized, Escando would have become cooperative. While we don’t know how much money was taken, $20 million or more is not an unreasonable to assume given what we have seen of the money. The cartel would go after him for that, meaning Escando’s only way to survive would be to cooperate with law enforcement. Hank would know this.

    The only thing that disappointed me was I wanted a bigger conflict between Jay and Voight. It was somewhat underwhelming based on what was built up. While I like and appreciate Hailey, I would have preferred that she wasn’t there at the end in this episode. I think next season would be a better place for Hailey to remind Jay who he is and why she married him instead of in this episode. I also didn’t love the fact that we have back to back seasons of Hailey shooting someone to save Voight’s life. I wonder if killing Anna will put Hailey in “Hank’s doghouse” for a while.

  2. Wannetta A George says:

    I completely agree with you Rich!! She should have listened to Hank, he really did have her back. I am so tired of Hailey. I know alot of people might not of hurt for Hank but I did. My heart just broke because he tried so hard for her and she just wouldn’t listen. Then he always has Jay and Hailey judging him. So tired of it. I love Hank!!! He’s such an Amazing actor!! I love the others on the show too except for Jay and Hailey.

  3. Carmen L L Mercado says:

    I believe Hailey should get fired. She killed Anna. She should have shot her hand or knee.
    I’m through with Hailey. She’d whiny.

  4. THOMAS Wilson says:

    I can’t imagine how someone could miss the whole point of the show.

  5. April Beasley says:

    Appreciate your post but in my eyes Hank Voight can do no wrong. I love that man. Yeah he’s a little dirty but so what. As far as Anna goes she could have pulled out of she thought it was too much. She was about to have a panic attack from last week’s episode. I didn’t care for that storyline or her character. Hailey wasn’t letting Jay do anything without telling his wife. She put her foot down. You’re right , Hailey and Jay are partners not Voight. Lastly that drug bust my fav team ran up in. Was that 🔥🔥🔥🔥 or not. Biggest drug bust ever!! And intelligence is responsible.❤️

  6. Laura says:

    I love the show and it wouldn’t be good without voight. As for Anna she could always come back to life They could just be making people think she’s dead. It is a TV show after all and a great one. It is a TV show after all and a great one

  7. Jenna says:

    I never wanted Anna to die, its true she broke the rules but i expected her to stay alive and atleast be a romantic interest tfor Hank- give him some balance, a family life.As for Jay and Hailey, im happy that she eventually came along on her husbands side and said where u go i go, that was so sweet, i love how sge cam stand her ground and still buckle diwn and say…listen im standing by my man..love u guys..love UPSTEAD

  8. Kathy says:

    They need to get rid of Haley and Jay need to listen to Hank Voight Hank is a good actor I just love him he has a heart that sure wouldn’t be anything without him but truly Haley has to go

  9. Ray W ZDYB says:

    In my opinion I thought it was a great episode, it wouldn’t be Chicago pd if Voight changed and I love that about his character, and I really think he was in love with anna.the only time he breaks rules is when he is dealing with total scumbags and I totally agree. Can’t wait until the fall

  10. Karl John Newman says:

    Your opinion is just that YOUR OPINION. I loved this episode. Hanks character is who he is. Nobody watching really thought Anna was going to die. I started to see it when she shot Hank with the team a block away. All in all Anna is dead because of Anna. It’s Hanks job to keep his ci’s or team in line and if he decides to keep a little bit of knowledge away from them in order to solve the case then you don’t know Hank voight. He looked out for her even after he figured out she killed him. Idk if anyone noticed the whole part where Hank took the towel off the man’s neck letting him bleed out. Now if he did that to some innocent father of 3 then I could see the hate for Hank but that guy was a rapist drug dealer killer. Why do people have to hate on people that do exactly what they would have done in the same position. I have always liked voight even when olinsky died. He always gets his guy is something I can say about him. What else do you want from a sergeant. This opinion is biased obviously. The way I think the next season will start is them once again try to get voight off the job until Jay or one of the team does something to save him. It looked like he took Anna’s death harder than Alvin’s so it might take some time but he will go that far again. We watch to see him do something crazy and get away with it. To people who absolutely deserve it like that 🤡 that shot Burgess.

  11. LaSonja says:

    I love the show and Hank!!

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