‘Chicago Fire’ 11×03 Review: “Completely Shattered”

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  1. Kathy says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING you said above!!! Little more to say than ~ how could they??? Such a huge disappointment, especially since so many characters we viewers on the show love are gone!

  2. Angie says:

    I have very similar thoughts about this episode. The only thing you missed was just how awesome the acting was in that final scene. Violet was so believeable. I found myself glued to everytbing the crew was doing. I cried. I couldn’t even be mad because the acting made it worth it.

  3. Kay12 says:

    I agree with everything you said. Hawkins was great and should’ve had a permanent spot. Gallo would have to grow up drastically for any love interest, but he definitely won’t cut it now with Violet.

  4. Sherri A Johnson says:

    I knew as soon as Evan drove up to that fire. I prayed I was wrong, but alas I saw it coming. My heart hurt when I saw Evan’s face with his lifeless eyes and the cheif holding a sobbing Violet. I’m sure they are opening up and paving the way for gallo and violet.

  5. Colleen says:

    I didn’t see that coming. He was a great addition to the cast. Can’t stand KIDD, SHE NEEDS TO GO

  6. Sylvia L Johnson says:

    I agree with the comments expressed and not sure that I will continue to watch the show

  7. Jennifer Stu says:

    Truly disappointed you killed off Hawkins love him and Violet together besides Gallo asks like kid. He is definitely no Hawkins

  8. Marsha says:

    I totally agree with what you said, except I never liked Violet and Gallo together . Looking for ratings without doing the writing work? Not keeping abreast of audience likes and dislikes? Really, no excuse

  9. Sherry Freeman says:

    I totally agree. Did not see that coming. I was literally bawling at the end of the episode. Watched it three times already. As much as I like Violet and Gallo, they had their chance. That relationship had run it’s course. Don’t think I can embrace it. But I’m absolutely committed to the franchise.

  10. Ramona Gille says:

    Gallo is an emotional midget… you killed off the wrong guy!! Why? Why did you do this? Now I have to evaluate whether I want to finish the season with you! Very BADLY PLAYED!! I am heartbroken! His eyes, her screams.. you broke my heart! Can stop crying!

  11. Lori Griffin says:

    They could still bring Hawkins back and just say that he was in shock after the fall and that he was under the other person who took the brunt of the fall of the awning…. I would say that the fact that his eyes were open when they loaded him onto the stretcher leaves the door open for him to still be alive and after a long recovery be back to the show. I remember how I felt when they killed off Otis….that was almost a deal-breaker for me tuning in every week and for a lot of fans this might be the one that just puts them over the edge with watching every week…expect ratings to drop if Elkins doesn’t get to come back…..

  12. Betty Henggeler says:

    I really liked Hawkins. Can’t believe he is gone. And yes, Gallo needs to grow up!

  13. Elaine says:

    Agree. With. Everything. I’ve been watching this show since Day 1. I don’t remember feeling any character loss the way this one feels.

  14. Barbara says:

    I totally agree with everything expressed. I am getting really tired of writers playing with the fans’ emotions. Why is therm point to “shock value”? My first thought was that Violet will leave the show too! She won’t be emotionally ready to work as an EMT for a long time. Maybe never. I watch tv shows for entertainment. I don’t want or need to be heartbroken over a tv story!

  15. Donna Gusman says:

    Totally agree, I’m totally heartbroken and I can’t imagine Violet ever being with Gallo after being with a guy like Hawkins. I keep thinking maybe they’ll start the next episode with them using a defibrillator on Hawkins and he’s still alive! Even if they left him with a handicap it’s better than taking him away from Violet and us! So very disappointed in this.

  16. Shirleen Alexander says:

    I absolutely agree with everything you said. I have never been a fan of Violet and Gallo and I never will be. I am so heartbroken that Evan Hawkins is no more. Can this please just be a bad dream that Violet had and once she wakes up everything will be fine and dandy in Chicago Fireland again? Of all the people who have left Chicago Fire, this one hurts the most

  17. Billy jone says:

    Pickwick is in Park Ridge. Guess Park Ridge is now Chicago

  18. Kyle Spires says:

    Oh wow. Emotionally, heartfelt episode. I felt every moment of the whole episode. Knowing that sometime during this show all the way to the end of this episode someone would die. It took my emotions on this huge trip Who would it be
    and then it happened. It took my breath away I cried. I felt everything in my heart. What great acting. We don’t make choices for the shows we are just along for the ride and what a great ride it always is. And next episode the emotions will not end we know that. A fire can be the worst way anyone could leave this world and the ppl that cared and loved them in the aftermath is what journey our hearts and emotions will again go on and on. It’s not over yet.

  19. Priscilla says:

    Definitely agree. It was heartbreaking to see them kill of Hawkins. I loved watching Violet and Hawkins together such a great storyline cut short to soon. They were on fire together. Not with Gallo

  20. Glenda Guevara says:

    No entendí la salida de Hawkins, era unabpareja nueva, brillante, madura. El era encantador ,protector. Ella y Gallo son como adolecentes. Ella y Hawkins sensualidad y yinyan.

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