‘Vampire Academy’ 1×09 Review: “Darkness”

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  1. Rashida says:

    I swear you are in my head when I read your recaps. It’s everything I’m thinking and you are always spot on. I said the exact same thing about Tatiana and Dimitri’s illicit kiss. Um, why? What purpose did it serve? There was no follow through in this episode like it didn’t even happen. So what was the POINT? Ugh.

    I also find a lot of issues with how other events are portrayed on screen aside from the core four. The whole Andre thing is messily done. You’re right. Did his body just vanish from the car crash? And if so, why didn’t Lissa mention that? I found it odd that there was a car crash and no one wondered why it happened? Was the driver drunk? Compromised? Saw someone or something in the road? It was never said- which makes the later reveal that Mason and Meredith were researching it and how nothing added up kind of randomly done. They should have always said that the accident was suspicious and then the Nancy Drew portion of the group’s looking into things would have felt more organic.

    Also, it took until this episode for me to realize Meredith and Mason are supposed to be best friends. I never knew this, because the show was lax in showing us. I knew they were friends or at least friendly, but not bffs. Also they throw tiny backstory about Mason’s dad and Meredith having secret sojourns off site, but I know we won’t get any answers on that this season.

    I also have issues with how uneven Lissa and Rose’s friendship is. I know a lot has to do with society, but Lissa has at least confided in Rose about her feelings for Christian, her possibly having to marry Jesse, and her powers. On the other hand she finally finds out about Rose and Dimitri but then doesn’t question when Rose says she’s leaving with Mason. Decidedly NOT Dimitri. Doesn’t she wonder what happened there? If Lissa is serious about making a better world where the Moroi and the Dhampirs are equal, then she should know that Rose and Dimitri faltered because they hesitated in leaving each other to save Lissa. That Dimitri couldn’t get past that and ended things. Lissa needs to stop being coddled and learn that Rose suffers sometimes because of her. And because of her duty to her and all Moroi.

    All in all, I love this show but it does need some polishing up. They have a goldmine in the chemistry with the two main couples – Rose and Dimitri more so than Lissa/Christian- but that can’t be all. I’m like you. I just want things to make sense more.

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