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Vampire Academy 1×10 “Ascension” is the show’s best episode of the first season, and it leaves us desperate for more.

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Vampire Academy 1×09 “Darkness” delivers the biggest twist of the season, as Rose reaches for freedom and Dimitri goes back to being Dimitri.

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Vampire Academy 1×07 “Beyond the Wards” feels like our last taste of happiness for a while – both for Lissa and for Rose. In Lissa’s case, the thing standing before her, the next challenge, is internal. She tried to find…

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Vampire Academy 1×06 “Molnija” focuses on grief, introduces Adrian Ishkov and gives us a long-awaited Romitri moment.

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Vampire Academy is now here — at least the first four episodes are, and that means we can talk about this adaptation (or is it prequel?) and the endless possibilities for the future this season brings. This means it’s now…

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Peacock’s Vampire Academy is the adaptation fans have been waiting for — one that makes it easier to forget the movie ever happened.

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Vampire Academy’s Kieron Moore, Andre Dae Kim and Andrew Liner discussed supporting the leading ladies and being the “love interests.”

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Vampire Academy’s trailer promises love, heartbreak and a very different lore to all other vampire properties.

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The Trailer (And Pictures) for ‘Vampire Academy’ are Finally Here

The wait is over. The trailer for Peacock’s adaptation of Vampire Academy is finally here, and it looks AMAZING. Like yes, that did deserve to go in all caps, because …it’s not like we’ve been waiting a long time for…

Our First Glimpse at Vampire Academy is Here, and We’re Hype

Peacock finally gave us some Vampire Academy footage, and it isn’t much but we’re still super hype at seeing our Rose and Lissa.