‘Vampire Academy’ 1×08 Review: “The Trials”

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  1. Joanna says:

    This review was amazing! Gave a much better insight into the characters’ feelings during their dilemmas. I must say, upon first finishing the episode, I was very baffled with some of the choices made and completely agree with you that we needed a better insight into some of their motivations. Dmitri always talks about his faith to his duty and their world but I think we fail to see how pivotal of a part it is in his identity and how he still attempts to hold onto it via his attachment (also in a physical sense I guess) to Tatiana.

  2. Rashida says:

    I live for these reviews. You’re the only website that reviews what is going on, but also has fleshed out thoughts about it. I don’t want to read a recap that says exactly what I just saw. I want someone who has actual ideas and predictions and character analysis going on. I am not sure what the writers were thinking having Dimitri hook up with Tatiana. I hope to God it was just kissing. Honestly? Tatiana as a villain should be fleshed out more. The best villains are the ones that you kind of root for. I think the writers could have had her and Dimitri maybe actually become true friends – instead of a hookup. Maybe through friendship we’d get a better insight on her misguided ideals. Maybe Dimitri could also see how faith is fine – but not willful ignorance.

    Maybe he could even persuade Tatiana to do the right thing and bring about positive change. A friendship between them would still upset Rose if that is what the writers are going for – without all the icky parts in between. Because Dimitri needs peers to confide in. I know he’s kind of a loner, but that also brings about issues for his storyline if he and Rose are on the outs. He needs Alberta and/or Tatiana. Just not in a sexual way for the love of God. I dread Rose finding out about this transgression because she actively hates Tatiana for what she represents. At least Mason is a good person.

    All that being said, I agree with all of your viewpoints. Again, love this site. Great job!

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