‘Chicago Fire’ 11×04 Review: “The Center of The Universe”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with your take on this episode. The members of Firehouse 51 are truly family. While I might have expected Kidd, Sylvie or Ritter to visit Violet to talk to her and help her it speaks volumes that Severide, who isn’t as close to Violet, can be the one who does. I could have just as easily pictured Cruz doing this and talking to her about Otis or Chief Boden finding the right words. That Gallo is smart enough to back off, also shows that he may be maturing.

    I do not like Carver. It seems that they are going down a similar road as they did with Chilli. Members of the Firehouse will try to help him, but he will not accept it and it will ultimately be his undoing.

    This was certainly a dark episode and Herman provided the necessary comic relief at the end of the episode with Stephanides. You just knew that was not going to work out as Herman intended.

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