‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×04 Review: “Donde Vives”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said and I am still ticked about the previous episode. However, this was a very good episode and fits well with the last episode. Hailey is hurting, that is clear and she is handling it as she always handles her pain; she is shutting down. No one knows what to say or how to be there for her because the person who is closest to her, the one person she let in, has just left. My hope is that in the next episode, which is Hailey centric, she gets help from the one person I think can help her, Trudy Platt. Given how Trudy’s role is sporadic at best, this would be a good way to give her a big role in an important episode.

    This next take you are really going to hate. It is very early and this may be very premature, but the parallels between Voight and Dante were set up. While we haven’t seen it in a while Voight had an understanding with his “social club,” which consisted of members of organized crime. Dante has an understanding with this gang. How he has “protected the neighborhood” even before he was a cop could lead to some great storylines. How Dante solved his problem with shot caller of this gang at the end of the episode, is something I could see Voight doing. While Ruzek won’t turn on Voight, I think his relationship with Kim and Mackayla has caused him to rethink blindly following him. Dante could prove to be a willing protégé of Voight’s as someone who understands that sometimes “the ends justify the means” and may well be a person who has no qualms about crossing lines under the right circumstances.

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