‘Love is Blind’ Season 3: Episode 1-4 Breakdown

Alexa and Brennon Love is Blind season 3
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  1. Nathalie says:

    I liked bartise soooo much, but instantly got turned off when that happened! However, although very painful (and he could have been a bit more diplomatic) I really appreciate Bartise being honest and not lying to her. At least Nancy now knows what she’s getting herself into, instead of being dragged into a fake fairytale, to only find out later how shallow he is! I mean…Your men, head over heals for you, but instantly distracted when seeing a hot body, questioning himself wether he made the right choice by cutting off the hottie with the bad attitude…. Say whut!? Better know it right away and leave that sinking ship. Nancy, you rock babe! You deserve to be treasured and valued!
    To bad, it was the only couple I really had faith in… with perhaps a little chance for Alexa and Brannon as well. I like them together, but am I the only one thinking she’s quite closed off to him since they left the pods? He’s saying and doing so many sweet things, she doesn’t really react and respond… that made me doubt… hope they will make it though!

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