Lee Pace is Stealing Hearts Again, This Time for Moncler

Lee Pace on Foundation with James Corden
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  1. Isabelle says:

    He is the hottest guy around! AND a truly superb actor. Gorgeous man. He should have gotten an Emmy for Foundation!

  2. Ellie says:

    Lee Pace IS a MENACE! But don’t stop HIM.
    Love the man, love the talent and yes, that voice!
    Happy he’s happy, but wish he was doing more acting, he was reading scripts but obviously not found anything yet. Theater, TV or movies…
    Apple TV+/Skydance and making us wait too long for Foundation S2.
    Personally, I’d rather he leave the Thom Browne at the door, it’s not my taste, but I’m hardly the demographic, wrong sex and very wrong salary scale. I’d prefer Lee swanning about in full on Thranduil or Cleon in his blue battle armour. But his hubby works for TB and so for sure we’ll see Lee in more. Hopefully, the shorts, I do love the short suits, just hold the gray…

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