‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 13×04 Review: “Dead Stick”

ncisla 13x04 Sam, Aiden and Raymond
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  1. Given that no one seemed to care that Callen was somewhere else in the previous episode, it’s not really surprising that no one seemed to notice that 2 other team members were missing as well. (I don’t think anyone even notices that Hetty’s office is always empty now, or even cares.).

    This is a team show through and through, and Hetty is the heart and spark that made them all shine. Without her, there’s no good direction. And an old man who just makes sarcastic snides and complains a lot doesn’t work with this kind of team, no matter how ‘nice’ he looks. Plus, she’d never allow for the kind of lousy work that’s been going on the past couple years.

    And hearing of Roundtree just going through Hetty’s wardrobe like that was nuts. There are 3 things of Hetty’s that must never be messed with: Her whiskey, her tea, and her wardrobe!

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