‘Spy x Family’ 1×22 Review: “The Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon”

spy x family 1x22 twilight and nightfall undercover
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  1. Thanks for your review, Julia!

    We were loving this show right up to the end of the Bond arc. Since then, it’s been really…lazy, and not very good. This episode in particular, aside from Nightfall’s really annoying crush (it was tiresome with Yor’s brother…why double it?), the two spies being better tennis players than folks training for decades just was silly.

    That joke works for One Punch Man–because that IS the joke. But for here, it just means any stakes must necessarily be contrived, because there’s nothing grounding them.

    Oh well. I guess we’ll finish out the season and then move on to something better. At least the show kind of gave us some resolution up to the Bond arc.

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