Hallmark Announces Their ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Lineup!

Our weekends our booked starting October 20th! Join us as we #CountdownToChristmas! Which movies are you excited for?

Hallmark Channel Stars Marco Grazzini and Alvina August Welcome A Baby Girl

This picture is everything. See the look of joy on this new Daddy’s face… pure love.

It’s ‘Fall Into Love’ Season On The Hallmark Channel

It’s that time of year when Hallmark becomes even more of my personality. Yes, it can become more of my personality and no I am not ashamed of that. I love this time of year. My inner basic bitch emerges,…

Hallmark Movie Review: “Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Park Romance”

#NationalParkRomance movies aren’t normally the movies that we love, but this one we did. The review.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Review: ‘The More Love Grows’

The More Love Grows isn’t a story about botany. Yes, that’s my opening line, because you have no idea how many people asked me just that. Was I asking them to watch a movie about plants? Now granted, this is…

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Teams With The U.S. Air Force For Upcoming Movie

We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again – Hallmark knows what we need.

Hallmark Stars Andrew Walker & Kristoffer Polaha Launch Fan Cruise

Didn’t get a spot on the Hallmark Cruise? Well, you can got on Andrew Walker’s one.

Hallmark Announces Sequel To ‘Haul Out The Holly’

A #HaulOutTheHolly sequel? Yes please. We’ll take that.

Our Top Five Lacey Chabert Hallmark Movies

We’re torturing ourselves with picking our favorite Lacey Chabert Hallmark movies, but we’ve narrowing down to our top 5!

‘Party Of Five’ Alums Lacey Chabert & Scott Wolf Reunited For Hallmark Christmas Movie

Our fandom heart is so happy right now. First, let me say that we were a little shocked and surprised at this announcement that Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf were doing a project together. Then we got a little scared…

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘Love’s Greek To Me’

We’re still thinking about #LovesGreekToMe & how great this movie was. Yes, it’s a Hallmark movie. Yes we know you’re surprised we loved it.

Our 5 Favorite Andrew Walker Hallmark Movies

We wanted to talk about Andrew Walker and all his amazing movies, but we narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite movies of his. For science… of course.

Hallmark Announces Two Of Its ‘Christmas In July’ Movies

It’s almost time for Christmas in July! Hallmark has released their first looks at 2 of their movies & we’re hella excited.

It’s Time For The Hallmark Channel’s ‘June Wedding’s’ Lineup

It’s June! It means it’s time for Hallmark’s June Wedding lineup! Read about all four movies here!

5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Ride’ On The Hallmark Channel

We’ve got a million reasons that you should watch #Ride, but we’re just giving you our top 5 right now.

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘When Love Springs’

We quite enjoyed #WhenLoveSprings, but we have so many questions as to why Rory felt as thought an A-Line skirt is the attire for most everything

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘The Professional Bridesmaid’

Hallmark has been keeping us on our toes lately in the absolute best way. This years “Spring Into Love” movies have just been so heart warming and filled with so much joy. It’s made me think a lot about love,…

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

#Ride premieres on #TheHallmarkChannel tonight & trust us you don’t want to miss it. See our interviews with stars Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Sara Garcia, Jake Foy, Tyler Jacob Moore Interview

Sara Garcia, Jake Foy, & Tyler Jacob Moore are a good time interview. They make you laugh and they make you love #Ride.

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

#Ride premieres on #TheHallmarkChannel tonight & trust us you don’t want to miss it. See our interviews with stars Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

‘A Picture Of Her’ Review: A Modern Direction For Hallmark That Pays Off

A Picture of Her is about believing that love exists in many forms and is all around you, and when you find it, hold onto it. Read the review