Ginny & Georgia

‘Ginny & Georgia’ Renewed for Season 2

Ginny & Georgia is coming back for a season 2, and after that cliffhanger, we’re really, really glad to see this confirmed.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×10 Review: “The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie”

The truth has a way of rising to the top. It doesn’t stay hidden forever. Georgia doesn’t realize how close the truth is to crumbling her world.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×09 Review: “Feelings Are Hard”

I mean, is there anything truer than the fact that feelings are hard? Me thinks no. Feelings are a bitch. Feelings are overwhelming, feelings feel too much, and feelings can make everything overwhelming, as we learn in Ginny & Georgia…

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×08 Review: “Check One, Check Other”

This episode of #GinnyAndGeorgia was a hard one to watch, but a necessary one to learn from. Read our review of episode 8.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×07 Review: “Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk”

Here’s the thing about the truth. Even though it is something you think that you want to know, sometimes it’s painful, as we learn in Ginny & Georgia 1×07 “Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk.” Sometimes the pain is important to feel…

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×06 Review: “I’m Triggered”

Georgia is panicking because the past is something she can’t outrun and it’s in her house. Read our review of episode 6 of ‘Ginny & Georgia’

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×05 Review: “Boo, Bitch”

Ginny & Georgia 1×05 “Boo, Bitch” is a pretty standard middle of the season episode, more setup than substance. We review the hour.

‘Ginny and Georgia’ 1×04 Review “Lydia Bennett is Hundo a Feminist”

Ginny & Georgia 1×04 “Lydia Bennett is Hundo a Feminist” is more about the differences between them than about the similarities.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×03 Review: “Next Level Rich People Shit”

Ginny & Georgia 1×03 “Next Level Rich People Shit” sees both our titular characters facing romantic questions with no easy answers.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×02 Review: “It’s a Face Not a Mask”

We’re in deep with Ginny & Georgia. The Netflix show is definitely worth binge watching. Read our review of episode 2.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

Looking for a new binge watch? Ginny & Georgia is out today and it’s a can’t miss. Read our review of Episode 1.