As you all know, we have our favorites and our not so favorites. Britt Robertson has been one of our favorites since the days of The Secret Circle. The Secret Circle has always been life. Britt recently starred in Girlboss and though we loved the show, Netflix cancelled it. AndRead More →


Give us a TV show, movie, or music, and we’ll try it out once. We may not always like it, but hey – we’ll be vocal either way. That’s our job as fangirls, to be passionate either way. One thing that we loved was, The Space Between Us. Brit RobertsonRead More →

We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see The Space Between Us on the big screen. The movie is about Gardener, a boy born on Mars, and Tulsa – the girl on earth he can’t wait to meet and risks his life to get to. STX released aRead More →