‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×10 “If Thou Wilt, Remember”

Sweet Magnolias 2×10 “If Thou Wilt, Remember” ends a really solid season with some really questionable cliffhangers. We said what we said.

Sweet Magnolias 2×09 Review: “Dear Heart”

Sweet Magnolias 2×09 “Dear Heart” is about how bad a father Bill is, and about how Helen is more than a possible future child.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×08 Review: “The Rules of the Game”

Sweet Magnolias 2×08 “The Rules of the Game” is about falling, but also, about getting up and the people who help you along the way.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×07 Review: “Fragile Things”

Sweet Magnolias 2×07 “Fragile Things” continues to reinforce the community and love that make this show a must-watch.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×06 Review: “Find It In Your Heart”

Sweet Magnolias 2×06 “Find It In Your Heart” is about forgiveness, and also about second chances. For people, and for love as well.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×05 Review: “Great Expectations”

Sweet Magnolias 2×05 is about new romance, old romance and possible romance. It’s about family — whatever that family might look like.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×04 Review: “Walk of Faith”

Sweet Magnolias 2×04 “Walk of Faith”‘ is about getting to the end of a long, hard road and realizing there’s hope.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×03 Review: “The More Things Change”

Sweet Magnolias 2×03 “The More Things Change” is a gut-punch of an episode. But somehow, we — and they — prevail.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×02 Review: “So Much to Say”

Sweet Magnolias focuses on friendships, as it reminds us that the Ty and Annie thing, well …that’s a long ways away.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 2×01 Review: “Casseroles and Casualties”

Sweet Magnolias 2×01 “Casseroles and Casualties” answers the question we’ve been asking this entire hiatus: Who was in the car?

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Stars Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions

The Sweet Magnolias stars reveal their New Year’s Resolutions in this BTS clip that just makes us want Season 2 now.

5 Reasons to Watch Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’

Sweet Magnolias is coming back to Netflix for season 2. Here are five reasons why you should absolutely give the show a chance.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 1×05 Rewatch: ‘Dance First, Think Later’

Let’s revisit the fifth episode of Sweet Magnolias, “Dance First, Think Later,” where the Sweet Magnolias open The Corner Spa, sparks fly between Ty and Annie and Maddie and Cal heat things up.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 1×04 Rewatch: ‘Lay It All Down’

Let’s revisit the fourth episode of Sweet Magnolias, “Lay It All Down,” where Dana Sue reevaluates her life after a health scare, Maddie and Cal continue their flirtation and Helen reignites a spark with an old flame.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 1×03 Rewatch: ‘Give Drink to the Thirsty’

Let’s revisit the third episode of Sweet Magnolias, where Maddie turned up the heat with Cal, Dana Sue struggles with the stress of being the boss and Helen learns the importance of asking for help.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 1×02 Rewatch: ‘A United Front’

Let’s revisit the second episode of Sweet Magnolias, “A United Front,” where our ladies started to get their business underway, Ty handles his parents’ separation about as well as you’d think and Maddie finds a cute flirtation with Cal.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ 1×01 Rewatch: ‘Pour It Out’

Let’s revisit the pilot of Sweet Magnolias, which introduced us to three strong, independent and vibrant women and their town of Serenity.

Let’s pour it out! Netflix renews ‘Sweet Magnolias’ for season 2!

Netflix has made our quarantine with the announcement that they’ve renewed one of our new favorite series, Sweet Magnolias for a second season.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ cliffhanger: Who’s in the car?

Fans of “Sweet Magnolias” will have to wait for (hopefully) season 2 before learning the answer to the season’s big cliffhanger: Who else was in the car?