Who doesn’t have an ex? I mean I know I do. Now, do I want to see that person all the time? Nope. Ex for a reason if you know what I mean. But my life is not a TV show so adding an ex to everyday wouldn’t be asRead More →


A fantastic book. An adaptation being made. Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland starring. You understand why we’re obsessing over Chaos Walking (we have been since we read the books). Now we have another addition to the cast and we’re excited. Tom Hollands character, Todd, needs a father figure and theyRead More →

  When Legends of Tomorrow returns for season 3 , there will be a new team member joining the Legends. And thankfully we’ll get some more females aboard the Waverider! Tala Ashe joins the cast in the role of Zari, according to Deadline.  Zari comes from the year 2030 as sheRead More →

Well, it looks like Captain Hook will not only be the only person in OUAT land to carry that particular title, because yes, Oncers, Captain Nemo is coming! Faran Tahir has been cast to play the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea character, EW reports. Tahir, who’s previously appeared in Dallas andRead More →

Ryan Dorsey and Jeff Torres are heading to Fox’s highly anticipated show, Pitch. If you haven’t seen the preview for Pitch it “follows Ginny (Kylie Bunbury), a young pitcher who breaks that glass ceiling and becomes the first woman to pitch in the major leagues. We can only imagine theRead More →