Bringing something to life like Charlie’s Angels isn’t easy. You need the right cast, the right writers, and the right kind of person to nail the look of your vision. That’s where Melanie Hughes-Weaver comes in. We got a chance to speak with Hughes-Weaver, the brilliant makeup designer behind theRead More →


Start saving that movie ticket money now, because you’re going to need it. We here at Fangirlish love movies. It’s a fact. What we love even more though, is a good female driven film.  We also love female driven films full of diversity.  Take a look at these amazing trailersRead More →

One of the movies that we are looking forward to the most is the reboot of Charlies Angels. Not only are we looking forward to this because Noah Centineo is involved, but also because it’s not the same Charlies Angels. It’s a new generation of Angels taking over. Kristen Stewart,Read More →

Well Charlie’s Angels is making us thirsty. Why? THE CAST. Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, Luis Gerardo Méndez, as well as both Patrick Stewart had us interested in the movie. Then the casting of Noah Centineo had us knowing that were definitely going to tune in. But in doingRead More →