Every Time Chris Evans Plays The Piano An Angel Gets It’s Wings

Chris Evans doesn’t ask you what you need. He tells you what you need. And over the weekend he told you that you needed him playing the piano!

Chris Evans Reveals What He Does On A Saturday Night

What does Chris Evans do on a Saturday night?? It’s not saving the world, but his laughter saves our world. See the video.

From Loki to Geralt of Rivia, “Name Something You Might Hurt Yourself Riding?” TikToks Are Hot

I’m going to do a quick and dirty intro because you’re not here for me talking. You’re here for the hot people and the TikToks that make you fan yourself. Thanks to TikTok user amanda_r87, we have a multitude of…

A Chris Evans Appreciation Post For His Birthday

June 13th is Chris Evans‘ fortieth birthday, and to celebrate, I thought I would post his top five moments of the year. Like all of us, the actor has been in lockdown this year, but his tweets, interviews, and pictures…

5 Things We Learned from Chris and Scott Evans’ Conversation with ACE Comic Con

We adored Chris and Scott Evans’ conversation with ACE Comic Con. Check out 5 things we learned from the discussion!

Did Chris Evans Scare Olympian Aly Raisman?

I have to admit that I thought that this was Aly Raisman and I also have to admit that I was wrong.

Chris Evans Knew What He Was Doing When He Did This!

He knew what he was doing and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.

Chris Evans Shares A New Cute AF Pic On Instagram

Chris Evans is adorable and pictures with Dodger are even cuter. Like adorbs.

Chris Evans Makes Us Thirst For Him Even More

Could Chris Evans get any more perfect? Yes, yes he could. He proved it.

Chris Evans Speaks Out About NSFW Photo

If you can’t roll with the punches, you shouldn’t be in show business. Chris Evans definitely rolls with the punches.

Was Chris Evans In London For Work?

Why was Chris Evans in London? Was it for work? Is he great at avoiding the underlying question? The answer to the last one is yes.

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd on Playing the Superheroes You Love

Variety’s Actors on Actors series is one of my favorite things the Internet has to offer when it comes to actors discussing their work with each other. The pairs are always incredibly complementary and the conversations are usually compelling and…

Chris Evans Asks The Hard Hitting Questions

Look, we all have questions that we want to ask. However asking about the size of someones penis, well… that’s frowned upon. But Chris Evans can do no wrong and when playing interviewer himself – the actor did ask the…

Who Is the Best Chris? Roundtable

One of the greatest debates of all time: Who reigns supreme as Lord of the Chrises? Is it Evans? Hemsworth? Pine? Or do you like Pratt best? Since the world has been crazy lately, I thought it’d be fun to…

The 5 Funniest Film Parodies To Watch Now

As we all know the world is a bit of a dark place at the moment. From the political climate to the coronavirus, there has been nothing but bad news all day, every day. If you’re anything like us, it’s…

Chris Evans Is In A Milk Commercial

I am not a milk drinker. I don’t like milk. It’s not a lactose thing, it’s just ummm… not my thing. But then Chris Evans appeared on Instagram slinging some protein milk, and I am like I still hate milk,…

10 Times “America’s Ass” Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America doesn’t just save the lives of innocents when fighting forces of evil but he’s been saving us all since the very first time he graced our screens in Captain America: The First Avenger. Here are…

‘Gifted’ Movie Review: This One Can Wait for On Demand

I love Chris Evans. I know, I know – a lot of people are on the Chris Pine train, but there has always been something strong and yet vulnerable about Chris Evans that I have loved. So going to see…

Chris Evans Campaigns for Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

The potential Captain Marvel just got a vote of approval from Captain America. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Brie Larson was in early talks to take on the titular role in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. And Chris Evans is…

'Captain America: Civil War' Review

There has been highly anticipated movies for 2016, and then there’s Captain America:  Civil War, a film that has had people signing blood oaths that they won’t reveal spoilers, and for the most part this review will be spoiler-free but…