We’ve all attended our fair share of conventions here. From small to large, it matters not. We have all tried everything. Some have failed us, others have saved us, but what we know for sure is that you need to pack something, anything to save you. (Sometimes, something small canRead More →


As you already know, Fangirlish infiltrated the 2017 Toronto Wattcon event on October 21. Toronto was quickly turned orange as Wattpaders from far and wide descended on the city to celebrate all things stories, meeting old friends and new, and come together with the commonality of love and literature. WeRead More →

Wattpad is a forum like no other. 60 million monthly users, more than 400 million stories of every genre and subject you can imagine, all crammed into a single, wonderful, supportive orange landscape of collaboration. It is a community like no other, where you can collaborate with others of likeRead More →

October 21, 2017 the streets of downtown Toronto will see a sea of orange converge on the popular St Lawerence Market area. Readers, writers and lovers of the popular online writing forum Wattpad will be coming home to the place where their favorite community was born, and Wattpad HQ willRead More →

Like all good things, Fanexpo 2017 in Toronto must end. After 4 days of endless celebrities, panels, costumes, shops and more, the cities biggest collection of all things fandom closes its doors on 2017, and sends fans home with purchases, stories and memories until the next year. For Fangirlish, theRead More →

Heroes and Villains Fanfest (HVFF) promised to be a weekend of panels, fantastic artwork, and meeting up with other lovers of comics/books/movies/television. I had high expectations. Then Blizzard Jonas aka Snowzilla hit the East Coast with a vengeance. He covered everything with copious amounts of fluffy snow and left manyRead More →