Standing On My Soapbox: Still Pissed About The ‘Council of Dads’ Cancellation

There are very few shows that fundamentally change who you are. #CouncilofDads did that. NBC failed us and it with its cancellation.

The One Where I Say Goodbye To ‘Council of Dads’

I keep asking myself why it is that I hate reviewing television and I have come to a conclusion – it’s because I feel like everything that is good, everything that gives me hope, everything that changes me – is…

‘Council of Dads’ Cancelled At NBC

Shocker, NBC makes a mistake and cancels Council of Dads.

‘Council of Dads’ 1×02: “I’m Not Fine”

Grief. It’s this weird emotion that everyone deals with in different ways. Sometimes it propels you to being greater. Sometimes it breaks you. Sometimes it comes to the surface easily, and sometimes it lives deep down in you waiting to…

‘Council of Dads’ Broke My Heart And Yet Gave Me Strength 1×01

How do you tell a story? Like when you look back on life, what moments of the story are important? Which ones must be told? Which moments are important? I will be very honest, when I tell you that I…