‘Council of Dads’ Cancelled At NBC

Sometimes I start things and can’t finish them. That is a part of life. We all do it, but for me, sometimes it is because of the trauma that I have experienced in my life.

Sometimes things are triggering for me.

Every week I sit down and watch Council of Dads, and I have every intention of reviewing it. I started out reviewing it, but somewhere along the line the show became something harder for me to review. It became something so personal.

And every review felt like putting a piece of my heart out there that I couldn’t grab back and I wasn’t ready to be that vulnerable. I wasn’t ready to put my heart, my pain, and the way that family has complicated my life into the universe.

Because it’s something I work through. And yet watching the show seemed to give me some peace – that the shit that I was meant to go through in life, I was meant to go through – but I was meant to come out of it alive.

And that’s what mattered.

The show doesn’t need to be reviewed, but it does need to be celebrated. It does need to be talked about. Because it’s good. Because it makes a difference. Because it has a heart.

Council of Dads is complicated, but it is home. It pulls you in from the beginning and makes you remember that there is something in life worth rooting for even in the worst moments of your life.

And so I am trying to find the words to put into what something means to me, because apparently the show has been cancelled and though most of the time that pisses me off – it’s NBC and so nothing shocks me when it comes to them.

But I can’t scream about this. I can only be angry about this. Because this show that was special and deserved a time to find it’s audience.

The showrunner stated that the show was cancelled.

“We had gotten some hopeful signs but ultimately, I guess, they felt it didn’t make financial sense for them,” showrunner Joan Rater said.

“We’re heartbroken. For ourselves, but mostly for our stunning cast and crew and all the people who have felt connected to the Perry family,” she continued. “We wanted to tell a story about love and Tony and I appreciate more than you can know the love we’ve felt from you.”

The final episode of the series airs this upcoming Thursday.

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