When Supergirl returns, our characters will be dealing with plenty in the new year. For Brainy, that means exploring romance with Nia, as the two took a step forward in the season finale. But his story will also revolve around the technological focus in Supergirl‘s fifth season. Specifically, a company that dabblesRead More →


Supergirl’s season 4 premiere was good. But it wasn’t great. It wasn’t The Flash, which jumped out with a thrilling premiere that seemed to get back to the heart of the show: family. Supergirl’s season premiere wasn’t disappointing. It just wasn’t as impactful. There was a time when Mondays couldn’tRead More →

Oh, how life imitates art. Especially when it comes to the Supergirl fandom. Just as the Supergirl fandom has differing opinions — which can amount to personal insults — Kara and Imra found themselves confronted with opposite ideologies when it came to defeating an evil that threatened to destroy theRead More →

It’s been six weeks; 42 days; 1,008 hours since Supergirl’s midseason finale, which found Reign victorious and Kara comatose. The only thing worse than a winter hiatus is a summer hiatus, which is five times longer and five times more excruciating. But Supergirl has returned. And with an important reminder,Read More →

Supergirl has proven time and time again that the strength of its show lies not in the super powered abilities of its hero, but in the super powered abilities of the heart, which delivers emotional hours that bring us some good, ol’ fashioned heartache and angst. There’s nothing better. IRead More →

Supergirl is back! How we’ve missed her. And this show. And the way it can emotionally compromise us even when we don’t expect the show to be able to. Like with that dream sequence. And that Alex/J’onn conversation. And the Danvers sisters! Our Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, Lyra, Lacey, Kayla,Read More →

When it comes to DC Television, there’s a unique feeling that I get when I watch Supergirl. I feel like I’m watching the This Is Us of superhero shows, if that makes sense. Not that Arrow, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow don’t evoke emotion out of me, but everyRead More →

You don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s gone for four weeks – an entire month! – and are left waiting, wishing, and speculating until its grand return. Supergirl has easily been my favorite DC Comics show on television this season due to a plethora of reasons (whichRead More →

At the start of Supergirl’s first season fans couldn’t have imagined the character that Hank Henshaw (aka J’Onn J’Onzz) would become. He went from assumed enemy to heroic savior as fans were introduced to the Martian Manhunter, who became like family to Kara and Alex Danvers. Last season we learnedRead More →

Supergirl has proven time and time again that it’ll shock me with the unexpected whether that’s storylines or bouts of emotion. So it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t prepared for the emotional onslaught of feels that overcame me with its latest episode “Manhunter,” which was more aboutRead More →