'Supergirl' 3×10 Review: 'Legion of Superheroes'

It’s been six weeks; 42 days; 1,008 hours since Supergirl’s midseason finale, which found Reign victorious and Kara comatose. The only thing worse than a winter hiatus is a summer hiatus, which is five times longer and five times more excruciating.

But Supergirl has returned. And with an important reminder, as well as a tease of what’s to come in the rest of this third season.

No matter what happens in your life, never forget the person that you are. That was a lesson that Kara had to learn — although it took her awhile to realize that’s the reason she couldn’t wake up from her coma.

But just because Supergirl was comatose, the world didn’t stop. Reign didn’t stop her destruction. Those that fight beside her didn’t retreat. Life went on as Kara slept; as she tried to fight her way back to her friends and family.

Midseason premieres, much like midseason finales, typically serve as a means to preview the major plot points in the second half of the season. That was evident in Supergirl’s introduction of the Legion of Superheroes, which united Mon-El, Imra, and Brainiac-5 as they — eventually — fought alongside the DEO against Reign in Kara’s absence. There’s so much secrecy surrounding the Legion, even with what they were able to reveal. There’s still so much — including about what lies ahead the rest of this season. Is the future really set in stone? Can they really predict everything that is going to happen? Maybe not, as we saw with Kara’s slow awakening.

From Danvers sisters love to epic Legion moments to badass ladies to Karamel moments of hope, Supergirl’s midseason premiere was exactly what we needed to start off our DCTV New Year.

Let’s talk more about this midseason premiere, including the significance of Kara Danvers, the Legion, and Reign’s intentions.

Never Underestimate Kara Danvers

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“Kara Danvers is my favorite person,” Alex tells a comatose Kara midway through Supergirl’s midseason premiere.

It’s a statement that’s more than words. It’s more than just the love between the sisters, which is a defining force in this series. It’s the lesson that Kara is setting off to not only learn but also accept this season.

We’ve seen this on several occasions this season. Where Kara has realized that her humanity — the person she is when she’s not Supergirl — is important. But it’s not necessarily a lesson that Kara has truly learned. Will this be the time she finally does? Maybe not. Probably not. But, every season is a journey. Every season, Kara learns something new that continues to mold her into the ever-changing hero that she is. Heroes are always changing. Just like people are always changing.

For most of Supergirl’s action-packed midseason premiere, Kara was trapped inside her own mind fighting for a way out.

There was a pivotal scene where she tried to escape — as Supergirl. She used her powers to try and find a way out of the door — the way back into consciousness. But it didn’t work. Kara is already confident in who she is as Supergirl. What Kara isn’t confident in is her place as Kara Danvers.

With the heartbreak and loss that Kara has dealt with last season and into this season, she’s believed that it would be better to just not feel anything at all than to feel this pain. It’s a very human thing to think. It’s a very human thing to do. We don’t want to appear weak. We don’t want to feel weak. We want to feel strong and empowered. But sometimes it’s accepting that pain and pushing forward through it that ultimately makes us stronger.

A very important thing that Supergirl has shown us is that Kara is not defined by Supergirl. It’s Kara that makes the hero. It’s something that we as an audience can see and accept. But it’s a lot harder for Kara to understand. She’s so convinced that just being Supergirl — being the Kryptonite — is enough. Enough for others. Enough for herself. But it isn’t.

Kara’s realization that it’s Kara Danvers that makes Supergirl and not Supergirl that makes Kara Danvers is just the me thing to wake her from her slumber.

This season is about Kara recognizing the importance of the person under the costume. Supergirl would be nothing without Kara Danvers. But without Supergirl, Kara Danvers would still be Kara Danvers. Kara is defined by her compassion, loyalty, strength, and love. Those are all qualities that she brings to Supergirl.

The Legion of Superheroes

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Secrets are the name of the game when it comes with our members of the Legion of Superheroes. And rightfully so. When you’re from the future — holding future knowledge in your minds — the goal is ultimately to preserve the present and guarantee the future.

The midseason premiere marked our introduction to Brainiac-5, who’s part computer, part human, and an intellectual genius. We first see Brainiac-5 through Kara’s eyes — or subconscious, for the matter. Mon-El woke him as a way to communicate with Kara because he can’t. None of them can.

There’s an obvious and insistent fight to get Kara to wake up — 1) Because of the beating she took from Reign; 2) Because, honestly, they don’t stand a chance against Reign without her.

But as Kara slumbers, Mon-El is insistent that the Legion of Superheroes — which right now we know is Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac-5 among others. The future is literally at stake. They need to make it back to the future. If they die, the knowledge of everything they carry with them dies with them. And apparently Mon-El has done a job bringing them all up to speed.

But there’s only so long that you can watch your friends and allies fight a losing battle before you realize what must be done. Interestingly it’s Imra that sways Mon-El to lead them into the fight. Regardless of the risk, this is a fight that they need to fight. When Reign is threatening to kill hundreds or thousands, Mon-El decides it’s time they get back in the fight. Cue epic shot of the Legion with their Legion rings followed by epic shot of the Legion in action against Reign.

When it comes to the Legion, this is only the beginning. There’s still more to be revealed, more to be uncovered, more secrets to be kept, surely more bombshells to be dropped. And we’re beyond here for the ride.

Reign’s Intentions

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Villains are the heroes of their own stories. In their heart, they believe that what they’re doing, what they believe in is for the greater good. It’s what makes villains compelling and intriguing. And Reign has definitely evolved into that villain.

Sam never wanted this. Reign, who was made as she is, never wanted this. But it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It doesn’t mean you can change it. Reign has discovered her faith and put all of her belief into it.

Cleanse the world of those that commit wrongdoing and those that look away. Seek justice, no remorse.

In her heart, Reign believes that she’s doing the right thing. When she’s speaking to National City, she tells the people that she’s trying to help. And she truly believes that.

But the ultimate difference between heroes and villains is that heroes are fueled by love and hope and light while villains are fueled by hate and vengeance and darkness. No remorse. Reign doesn’t care about casualties. All she cares about is ridding the world of sinners and leaving a trail of ashes in her wake.

While Reign was able to defeat Supergirl in their first — of what’s sure to be many — meetings, Team Supergirl managed to not only put up a fight but ultimately down Reign. For now. And that was, in part, due to Kara’s return from her coma. Talk about timing. Talk about revenge. Talk about the sweet sting of Kryptonite.

Kara 1, Reign 1

This war is far from over. In fact, we still have 12 episodes until what’s to be the ultimate showdown in the season finale. Plenty of more battles to be fought; plenty of more battles to be won; plenty of more battles to be lost; plenty of experiences to give our heroes some semblance of how to ultimately take down Reign.

Supergirl has friends, yes. But so does Reign. Surprise, there are others like Reign. Who’s ready for Round 3?

Trust in the Journey

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss the brief yet meaningful Karamel scene that reminded me of the length and meaningfulness of journeys.

There was a time — which feels like a long time ago — when I used to wait for those small yet significant moments between Oliver and Felicity on Arrow. When things weren’t so “in your face” about the endgame of the pair, and when they were moments that really served to solidify the foundation of the pair. They were moments that were meaningful in their execution, but also meaningful from a fan’s perspective. They’re moments that make you smile; that make you squeal in excitement; that remind you why you love them.

Kara and Mon-El are on a journey this season. Journeys aren’t short. In fact, they can be quite long and are usually painful in the process. But ultimately, they’re worth it.

“I was worried about you when you didn’t wake up…I still care about you.”

That’s a promise. A promise of what’s not yet come to pass. A promise of what’s meant to be. Kara and Mon-El will find their way back to each other. Against all odds.

Kara had to remember who she was to wake up. But the situation also brought some clarity about the Mon-El situation. It still hurts. But she’s realizing that she’ll be stronger for it. Whatever happens. That’s something we’ve all learned in our lives at some point. That heartbreak, while incredibly painful and easy to shy away from, ultimately will serve a greater purpose to strengthen you. And you learn that — when that next heartbreak comes — that you can handle it. That the world will keep spinning. That you are still you. Only stronger.

This journey wouldn’t work if Kara remained hung-up on Mon-El throughout the season. Mon-El had to learn to move on — some seven years in the future. But he learned to move on, nonetheless. Now, it’s Kara’s turn. They both will learn that they can still keep moving without each other. But the next part — they’ll learn that while they can keep moving without each other, that ultimately they’re stronger together.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Trust in the journey.

10 Things About “Legion of Superheroes”

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  1. Say it for those in the back, Kara Danvers defines Supergirl. Supergirl doesn’t define Kara Danvers.
  2. Kara 1, Reign 1; What you thought you’d seen the last of this war?
  3. Have to say I really enjoyed Brainiac-5…and no romantic vibes whatsoever!
  4. “I was worried about you.” “I still care about you.” We’re living for that small yet meaningful Karamel moment.
  5. Watching J’Onn have to pretend to be Kara listening to Lena talk about how good a kisser James is something I never knew I needed. But I’m so glad we got it.
  6. Honestly, I still don’t know about this whole Lena/James romance. But I’ll give Supergirl time to give me some context and substance so that it doesn’t feel weirdly forced and awkward.
  7. Danvers sisters moments never cease to make me emotional.
  8. I’m still convinced Imra/Saturn Girl is going to wind up evil. Sorry, it’s preprogrammed into me as a television consumer.
  9. I’m also still convinced Ruby is the key to ending Reign and saving Sam. Waiting for that moment.
  10. There are more like Reign. What, you thought Supergirl was the only one with friends?

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

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