They say that home is where the heart is. Though apparently nobody told Kara Danvers that, as she decided to head to Argo, where her mother resided, after it seemed that Reign was defeated. Ah, but lest we forget that there are two episodes remaining. It was far too easyRead More →


Oh, how life imitates art. Especially when it comes to the Supergirl fandom. Just as the Supergirl fandom has differing opinions — which can amount to personal insults — Kara and Imra found themselves confronted with opposite ideologies when it came to defeating an evil that threatened to destroy theRead More →

It’s been six weeks; 42 days; 1,008 hours since Supergirl’s midseason finale, which found Reign victorious and Kara comatose. The only thing worse than a winter hiatus is a summer hiatus, which is five times longer and five times more excruciating. But Supergirl has returned. And with an important reminder,Read More →

Supergirl has proven time and time again that the strength of its show lies not in the super powered abilities of its hero, but in the super powered abilities of the heart, which delivers emotional hours that bring us some good, ol’ fashioned heartache and angst. There’s nothing better. IRead More →

Television, like the various arts, is a form of expression. It’s a way to express our feelings, our views, and our beliefs. And no DC Comics show – or most shows for that matter – have managed to use their platform to address real-world issues the way Supergirl has beenRead More →

A new season of Supergirl means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Supergirl episode. In the fourth episode of Supergirl‘s second season, we saw an overarching theme of humanity and what it takes to be good, as wellRead More →

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Supergirl and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about the hour’s hot topics in a little something we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables. Today, we’re breaking down episode 10 of Supergirl, “Childish Things,” where we discuss Winn and his father,Read More →