We have a lot of fun watching Grand Hotel, and sometimes the best way to show how much fun we’re having is give you access to our unfiltered thoughts, as they happen. So this week, I though I’d take a different approach to this review, and allow you a glimpseRead More →


When Grand Hotel announced Katey Sagal was joining the cast, I thought …well, I’m not sure what I thought, but I can promise you I didn’t think we’d get this. Probably because, back when the casting was announced, I still didn’t know what to expect from the show, much lessRead More →

Grand Hotel‘s “Long Night’s Journey Into Day” pits Santiago’s guilt about what happened to Javi, and his love for his son, against Felix’s supposed love and clear attempts to take advantage of both Carolina and Yoli’s desire to have a father. Obviously, if we were just evaluating them on howRead More →