Truth be told, last season’s whole Alexis looking like Fallon was a little bit too freaky for our taste. I mean, I think that says a lot, because we can handle a lot of bullshit and a lot of drama. But we love the drama of Dynasty – even whenRead More →


Dynasty is really, truly a guilty pleasure. Only I don’t feel so guilty watching it, I feel like I am getting all the drama I need to satisfy my drama cravings. Let’s be real, even though we all claim to hate drama, we all love a little bit of itRead More →

One of my guilty pleasures is spending every Friday night with Dynasty. I can’t help how much I love this show. It’s got ridiculous drama, intrigue, and it makes me appreciate how fucked up my life isn’t. Seriously, if you have family issues, watch this show. You’ll feel better! IRead More →

The thing about The CW is that we expect actors to come and go, but we also expect that they will stay within The CW world. Now we may not review¬†Dynasty, but I admit that I watch it religiously. Why? BECAUSE IT IS DRAMA. I like watching drama. Takes meRead More →

The CW is the last television network to release its Fall 2018 schedule, which features some big changes, including an extra night on the line-up. The network is expanding into Sundays, which gives The CW programming from Sunday through Friday. Supergirl will lead-off the new CW Sunday night at 8pmRead More →

Drama, Drama, Drama. That’s part of the fun of television, especially shows like Dynasty. I can remember the original show – watching it on VHS recordings on my Grandma’s knee. She lived for that show. I loved it. Now, reboots aren’t always my thing, but I am excited to seeRead More →

Grant Show likes to star in dramas. At least that’s what we think – based off the fact that he was a star on Melrose Place and Devious Maids and he’s now going to be on one of the most dramatic shows around. The actor has been cast as BlakeRead More →

Who doesn’t love dramas? You know that we do. We also love most everything on The CW. So you combine the two and you’ve got our interest. As you may have heard, The CW is rebooting Dynasty and we can’t wait. Nothing better than a drama about two rich familiesRead More →

When I was a kid, I sat in front of the TV with my Grandma watching Dynasty. She would tell me all about how I should never want a life like that – because money is the root of all evil. As I grew up, I learned that with orRead More →