Any time a new Marvels show comes to the small screen, there tends to be an increased sense of anticipation that isnt always there with other shows. It could be thanks to the Marvels name, a name that is synonymous to thrilling story lines, captivating characters and enthusiastic fan bases.Read More →


One of the biggest challenges faced by any writer, beyond the writers block, the originality, the characters and the plot, is the motivation to write at all. As much as we love it, at times, it can be daunting to sit and stare at that computer screen, willing the wordsRead More →

As you already know, Fangirlish infiltrated the 2017 Toronto Wattcon event on October 21. Toronto was quickly turned orange as Wattpaders from far and wide descended on the city to celebrate all things stories, meeting old friends and new, and come together with the commonality of love and literature. WeRead More →

Every form of media and entertainment has it. That something that means you’ve truly made it in your field. Acting has the Academy Award, music has the Grammy, and for writers there is no spot more coveted than the top of the New York Times best seller list. But toRead More →

Tickets for the latest Wattpad writer event were released this am, and Wattpaders far and wide are now in full orange excitement for what is to come. And at only $10 each, you’d be silly to miss out! October 21, 2017,  from 10am-630pm, Toronto will be seeing orange as anRead More →

Wattpad sure knows how to get their users excited. Just as the deadline for the 2017 Watty Awards comes to an end on August 1, the announcement of their latest fan event hits the internet, and it is going to be epic. September 2016 found #NYCWattcon taking over New YorkRead More →