EXCLUSIVE: Filmmakers Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman Talks ‘Things Heard And Seen’

Things Heard And Seen premieres tomorrow on Netflix! We interview its filmmakers Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman.

EXCLUSIVE: Georgina Campbell Talks ‘Wildcat’

A few days ago, we put the focus on Wildcat. We had the pleasure of chatting with its star Georgina Campbell about her experience.

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Holt And Chiara Aurelia Talk ‘Cruel Summer’

We love Cruel Summer!  After enjoying the premiere and reading our review, you already know why we love this show.  Surely, the premiere left you with many unanswered questions. We had the pleasure of interview Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia AKA Kate and Jeanette…

EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Beveridge Talks ‘Rage’ And Her New Projects

Rage is one of those movies that stays with you. We chat with its star Hayley Beveridge about her experience and her upcoming projects.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘A Week Away’ Stars Talks About The Movie And A Possible Sequel

We love A Week Away!We had a chance to chat with its stars Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling about the movie.

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Culjak Talks ‘Long Weekend’ And Her Career

You know that if a movie catches our attention, we tell you so that you can have it on your radar.  Long Weekend is definitely one of those movies.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Culjak, the composer who made the wonderful…

Dakota Benjamin Taylor, Grace Beedie And Jade Ma Talk ‘Zero Chill’ Season 1 & 2

After the premiere of Zero Chill, we are still obsessed with this show!  It’s a family series that hooks you from the first second and just … helps you get through the bad times.  We love it.  We had the…

Chris Lowell Talks Five-Time Oscar Nominee ‘Promising Young Woman’

Promising Young Woman is Officially Five-Time Oscar Nominee! We had the privilege of chatting with its star Chris Lowell.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sam Quartin Talks ‘Tyger Tyger’ And Her New Projects

Tyger Tyger is here! We had the opportunity to speak with its star Sam Quartin about her experience shooting this movie and her new proyects

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Vega Talks About Her New Movie ‘Wrong Turn’

We loved Wrong Turn! We had the opportunity to speak with its star Charlotte Vega about this movie, her experience on it, and her projects.

Josephine Langford Talks About ‘Moxie!’ And Feminism

After Moxie! premiere, the second part of our exclusive interview with Josephine Langford is coming your way! And you will love it!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Josephine Langford Talks About ‘Moxie!’, Feminism And ‘After’

We know you are excited for our exclusive interview with Josephine Langford She spoke heart-to-heart about Moxie!, feminism and After.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘The Emoji Story’ Producer Jennifer 8. Lee Talks About Her Experience And Inclusion

A few weeks ago we talked to you about The Emoji History, a documentary that tells us about the origin of something we use every day.  We had a chance to chat with the film’s producer, Jennifer 8. Lee and…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Haymaker’ Star Nomi Ruiz Talks About Her Experience And Trans Representation

Yesterday a movie that marked us and moved us completely was released. We’re talking about Haymaker.  And we had the opportunity to chat with its star Nomi Ruiz about her experience in this movie, the importance of telling the story…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘White Lie’ Star Kacey Rohl Talks About Her Experience, Lies And Arrow

We still can’t get over White Lie! After our interview with Amber Anderson, now we bring you an interview with Kacey Rohl, the leading lady, where she tells us about her experience playing Katie, her opinion about lies and…some Arrow secrets! Here we go!…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Yellow Rose’ Producer, Writer And Director Diane Paragas Talks About The Movie And Her Experience With Undocumented Families

Yellow Rose is now available and trust us, you have to see it.  It is a story that will stir your heart. We had the opportunity to speak with Diane Paragas, the producer, writer and director of this wonderful and moving film.…

‘White Lie’ Star Amber Anderson Talks About The Movie, Lies And Diversity

White Lie is out now! You can already enjoy this story that talks about human complexities and how lies destroy us inside … and outside. We talked with its star Amber Anderson about this very human and realistic film and it’s…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘A Discovery Of Witches’ Star Steven Cree Talks About Seasons 2 & 3 And ‘Outlander’

There’s so little time left for A Discovery Of Witches season two! We’re sure that you’re going to love this season as much as we do. In preparation for the premiere, Fangirlish had a chance to chat with Steven Cree, our…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘ANTARCTICA’ Stars Chloë Levine And Kimie Muroya Talk About The Movie, Feminism And Friendship

We still can’t stop thinking about ‘ANTARCTICA’! After watching the trailer and promo photos, it’s time for you to read our exclusive interview with its stars Chloë Levine and Kimie Muroya, as they talk about their experiences in the film,…

Jordan Claire McCraw Talks American Rapture: Poems from a Heartscape

Jordan Claire McCraw’s debut poetry collection, American Rapture: Poems from a Heartscape, grants the reader the privilege of accompanying her in that grueling, multi-faceted journey towards self-acceptance.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dulcé Sloan Talks About ‘Chick Fight’ and Black Lives Matter

As you already know, Chick Fight is very close! Following Malin Akerman interview, we also had the opportunity to speak with comedy queen AKA Dulcé Sloan about the film, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the importance of raising our own voice.…