Elizabeth Mitchell Cast In Key Role On ‘FBI: International’

We knew that it was a matter of time before we got to see Angela Cassidy on #FBIInternational and we’re LOVING who they cast in the role!

‘FBI: International’ 1×10 Review: “Close To The Sun”

Did you catch this weeks #FBIInternational? We’re really not happy with that ending. Get your shit together Kellett.

‘FBI: International’ 1×10 Preview: “Close To The Sun”

Prepare yourself for tonights #FBIInternational with photos from the episode!

‘FBI’ 4×11 Photos: “Grief”

Ready for tonights #FBI? We’re getting you ready with pictures for tonights episode, #Grief!

‘FBI’ 4×10 Review: “Fostered”

Can we all just talk about how amazing Tiff is and how she is such an important part of FBI. Cause like she’s amazing and proves how amazing in this episode.

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‘FBI’ 4×10 Photos: “Fostered”

As you know we’re obsessed with FBI and so it should be no surprise that we’re excited for its return on January 4th. Maybe it’s us missing it so much for the reason that we looked at these pictures and…

‘FBI’ 4×09 Review: “Unfinished Business”

Last nights #FBICBS brought back the big bad and he’s coming for blood. All of theirs. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. Read the review

‘FBI: International’ 1×08 Review: “Voice Of The People”

Emotions and work can be complicated. For Vo, when the two cross over, everything changes.

‘FBI’ 4×08 Review: “Fire And Rain”

In #FBICBS this week, we learned so much more about Scola and the reason that he is the way he is. And all we can say is we feel for him.

‘FBI: International’ 1×07 Review: “Trying To Grab Smoke”

#FBIInternational is a good show, but this week – it had us scratching out heads, wondering WTF was happening and having more questions than answers.

‘FBI’ 4×07 Review: “Gone Baby Gone”

#FBICBS keeps improving, giving us such great character development. Really loved last nights episode where we got to see more than one side of Maggie.

‘FBI: International’ 1×06 Review: “The Secrets She Knows”

What an episode. #FBIInternational has established itself as the show that you should be watching.

‘FBI’ 4×06 Review: “Allegiance”

FBI takes us on a wild ride where we’re feeling bad for everyone but also looking at the bigger picture and thinking WTF is happening.

‘FBI: International’ 1×06 Photos: “The Secrets She Knows”

We’re kinda obsessed with #FBIInternational and part of it might be that #LukeKleintank is really fucking hot.

‘FBI’ 4×06 Photos: “Allegiance”

#FBI is back tonight & we can’t wait. It looks like it’s gonna be a good one, but then again, when isn’t it a good one?

‘FBI: International’ 1×05 Review: “The Soul Of Chess”

#FBIInternational has solidified itself as a solid show with solid character development and compelling storylines.

‘FBI’ 4×05 Review: “Charlotte’s Web”

Imagine you’re at a sex club and there is a knock at the door of the room you’re in. OA is on the other side asking if you’d seen this man…

‘FBI: International’ 1×04: “American Optimism”

#FBIInternational isn’t like other procedurals and that’s what makes it a must watch. Read our review of the latest episode.

‘FBI’ 4×04 Review: “Know Thyself”

Once again, #FBI left me pissed off and searching for blood. Scola, we love you, but do better. Be better.

‘FBI: International’ 1×03 Review: “Secrets As Weapons”

Where we don’t write about the case, instead Erin on Xanax writers about Forrester and Kennett. #FBIInternational