Josephine Langford Talks About ‘Moxie!’ And Feminism

After Moxie! premiere, the second part of our exclusive interview with Josephine Langford is coming your way! And you will love it!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Josephine Langford Talks About ‘Moxie!’, Feminism And ‘After’

We know you are excited for our exclusive interview with Josephine Langford She spoke heart-to-heart about Moxie!, feminism and After.

Barstool, the NWHL, and White Feminism

This Barstool situation has exposed a problem with the NWHL and with women’s hockey culture at large that needs to be addressed, and soon.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘ANTARCTICA’ Stars Chloë Levine And Kimie Muroya Talk About The Movie, Feminism And Friendship

We still can’t stop thinking about ‘ANTARCTICA’! After watching the trailer and promo photos, it’s time for you to read our exclusive interview with its stars Chloë Levine and Kimie Muroya, as they talk about their experiences in the film,…

Equality is Intersectional and I Believe in It

I believe in intersectional feminism. I believe that my privilege is less than a white man’s and greater than a person of color’s, not in fairness, or on purpose, but because systemic conditioning and media saturation has created an environment…

Love, Feminism and Fandoms

Ah, the tricky matter of love. In real life, we all aspire to find that one person who, in the romantic tradition of Jerry Maguire, “completes us.” And yet, it’s not that we’re incomplete without a significant other, no. It’s…