When we last left our Legends, they’d embarked on a season full of changing time and times a changing as they faced off against the Legion of Doom. But just when we thought our Legends had won – defeating the Legion without any significant consequences – they arrived back toRead More →


Legends of Tomorrow has a distinct feel that differentiates it from its counterparts Arrow and The Flash. Of course the time travel element is significant, but it’s also the dynamic between this unlikely team that makes it uniquely compelling. One of those relationships within the team is the dynamic duoRead More →

On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow we have been introduced to a variety of heroes and villains that make up this legendary team hellbent on stopping the villainous Vandal Savage. One of those heroes just happens to consist of two people that couldn’t be more opposite, including one Jefferson “Jax” Jackson,Read More →

While his character has met a deadly end on both Earth-1 (Firestorm) and Earth-2 (as Deathstorm), Robbie Amell would like to return to the DC TV universe. While promoting his new project Code 8 with cousin Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell revealed in an interview with Nerdist that he’d like to returnRead More →