'Legends of Tomorrow' WonderCon Interview: Franz Drameh

On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow we have been introduced to a variety of heroes and villains that make up this legendary team hellbent on stopping the villainous Vandal Savage. One of those heroes just happens to consist of two people that couldn’t be more opposite, including one Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, who initially wanted nothing to do with this mission but without him wouldn’t be possible.
We chatted with Legends of Tomorrow star Franz Drameh at WonderCon on Sunday, where he discussed Jax’s journey this season as someone who was against going on this time traveling journey to someone who has accepted his destiny when it comes to protecting this world.
“I think that Jax has learned that the world isn’t black and white,” Drameh said. “I think as the series progresses he kind of learns that there’s a middle ground; there’s a lot of shades of gray. Because the team has moments where it’s very morally questionable like, ‘Do we do this for the greater good? Or are we going down the wrong path?’ I think for Jax is starts off very green, very naive, very young. Then he kind of learns and grows up and learns what it takes to be a hero and tough decisions to be made for the greater good.”
Playing one half of a superhero that consists of two polar opposites can have its struggles, but it also brings a sense of partnership with these two characters that wouldn’t have typically had any interaction had they not been brought together this way. Drameh discussed the “father-son” bond between Jax and Stein where it’s their differences that attribute to their nice relationship.
“We start off as such different people from such different backgrounds and different ways of life and we really come together,” Drameh said. “We have a really nice relationship as the series progresses. It’s got this sort of father-son bond. It’s really nice to play, and especially to work with Victor, who’s such an amazing actor.”
Drameh attributes the chemistry onscreen between Jax and Stein to his relationship with Victor Garber, where basically that relationship onscreen is synonymous off-screen, as well.
“We got along like a house on fire,” Drameh said. “We literally spend all day, every day just literally taking the piss out of each other. He doesn’t understand a word that I’m saying because I’m always using U.K. slang and he’s like, ‘Franz, I can’t understand a word you’re saying. What does that even mean?’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t matter to me, selfie!'”
Watch our full interview with Drameh below, where he discussed his prosthetic transformation in “Night of the Hawk,” his desire to explore Earth-2, and exploring Jax’s past with his parents in episode 12.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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