‘The 100’ WonderCon Interview: Lindsey Morgan

Let’s start off by saying that we love Lindsey Morgan from The CW’s The 100!

She’s amiable, passionate, and knows her character inside out! To top all that she’s down to Earth and a breath of fresh pain free air in comparison to her character. It’s no secret that Raven Reyes has gone through some rough times on The 100. Her leg gave (past tense, since she took the pill) her chronic pain, her abilities were questioned left and right, and she’s all alone. Sure, she’s surrounded by other survivors, but she has no family or loved ones. That leaves her open and vulnerable to manipulative jerks like Jaha!

We chatted with The 100 star Lindsey Morgan at WonderCon where she discussed what keeps her character strong and what’s next for our brave mechanic. You’ll be pleased to know that Raven isn’t going down without a fight. When talking about A.L.I.E. she said, “You can look forward to, basically, the fight of the century. Of The 100 century. Raven vs A.L.I.E.! You’re gonna see at what lengths Raven goes to save herself.”

Lindsey also noted that Raven joined the City of Light because of her chronic pain. “Without the injury, she probably wouldn’t have because her mind would’ve been stronger. Her mentality.” She followed this by saying, “This season, all of Raven’s monsters are inside of her.”

Watch our full interview with Lindsey Morgan below, where she expands on what makes Raven different from the other Arkadians (we dig into her past on the Ark), her battle against A.L.I.E., and the lengths she goes to save herself!

P.S. Might be talk about bra patrol and space camp. Lindsey wanted to go!

The 100 returns tonight @ 9/8c on The CW.

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