‘The 100’ WonderCon Interview: Richard Harmon

Admit it, you’re in love with John Murphy from The 100.

We know it’s hard to fathom because of all the bad things he’s done, but who hasn’t killed on this show? Fan favorites Clarke and Bellamy have a higher kill count than anyone! Despite getting tagged as the bad guy, Murphy continues to work on surviving every beating and plot twist thrown his way. (Seriously, he’s always looking pretty rough.)

We chatted with The 100 star Richard Harmon at WonderCon where he discussed everything Murphy’s gone through so far, not doing it alone, and his evolution past being the perceived ‘bad guy.’

He’s relished in the opportunity to try new things with Murphy and said, “One of the main differences is my interaction with Emori, who obviously I interacted with in season 2.” Having her back is an opportunity for his character to have a relationship that doesn’t just fade away into the show.

Richard also noted, “She’s the first person he’s ever kind of thrown himself under the bus to protect.” Of course Murphy and Emori aren’t together right now, but there’s hope for something on the horizon.

Watch our full interview with Richard Harmon below, where he discusses Murphy’s isolation, his moral dilemmas, and what’s up next for him at Polis!

The 100 returns tonight @ 9/8c on The CW.


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