‘The 100’ WonderCon Interview: Devon Bostick

Deteriorating friends, drunken stupors, and suffering through loss are just a few of the things Jasper Jordan has had to endure on The CW’s The 100. It’s changed the kind of man he is and allowed Devon Bostick, the lovely actor who plays him, an opportunity to dig deep and show us something new. So far he’s done an amazing job and we can’t wait until he runs into Monty’s arms for the bromance hug of the season! (It’s totally going to happen. Just you wait.)

We chatted with The 100 star Devon Bostick at WonderCon where he discussed this emotional road he’s started down. He hopes to give tribute to real life sufferers of PTSD with his portrayal of Jasper. He noted, “Jasper’s slowly becoming a little aware of how closed off he’s been and how high the walls have surrounded his consciousness. He won’t let anyone in. With good reason.”

He went on to say, “I think it’s still very difficult because his best friend pulled the lever. It’s just facts. Hopefully he’ll see it wasn’t personal. It was for the greater good. Their greater good.”

Watch our full interview with Devon Bostick below, where he discusses what’s coming for Jasper in upcoming episodes, A.L.I.E. (surprisingly enough), and his love for his best friend on screen and in real life, Monty.

The 100 returns Thursday, March 31st @ 9/8c on The CW.

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