‘The 100’ WonderCon Interview: Jason Rothenberg

Writing/creating a show is not an easy business. It’s never been more clear than in the last couple weeks for showrunner of The CW’s The 100, Jason Rothenberg. He’s had to push on past the uproar over Lexa’s death and focus on what he can do now and the direction the show can go in the future.

We chatted with The 100 showrunner at WonderCon where he discussed the A.L.I.E. problem, the passing of Lexa (of course), Bellamy’s turn to the Pike side, and why his characters connect so much with fans. He’s definitely taken note of the changing atmosphere around the show without letting it deter him. Plus we’ve still got plenty to look forward to because of the A.L.I.E. 2 chip. Let’s not forget about that!

When asked about what we could look forward to with this artificial intelligence storyline he said that A.L.I.E. will figure out that the other chip is out there. She’s going to come after it at the same time the Grounders will for ascension. More importantly, Clarke will want to make sure the A.I. get’s into the right hands. Jason said, “Lexa’s memory is in there. Lexa’s mind maybe in there.” It’s too important!

He continued explaining the significance of the A.L.I.E. 2 chip by saying, “Everybody is going to be after this thing. And it’s going to drive the story in a very intense direction.” *crossing fingers that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.*

Watch our full interview with Jason Rothenberg below, where he expands on what we should look forward to when it comes to crazy A.L.I.E., war with the grounders, and the road he’s taking Bellamy down!

The 100 returns tonight @ 9/8c on The CW.

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