The Season 5 premiere of The 100 is around the corner. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg gave some hints of what to expect at the Wondercon 2018 press room in March. Q: You titled the first episode Eden but it doesn’t quite look like Eden to my mind. Why would you describeRead More →


It’s not too much longer until the new season of The 100 and we’re excited. The show has the potential to feel like a reboot, but it also has the potential to continue to be fantastic. At Wondercon, Showrunner Jason Rothenberg gave the Wondercon press room some teasers about theRead More →

Each season of The 100 has dealt with a specific theme. Season 1 was our origin story, season 2 was Mount Weather, and season 3 was the A.I. story, and season 4 the Earth strikes back. We got a chance to speak with The 100‘s Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg atRead More →

Writing/creating a show is not an easy business. It’s never been more clear than in the last couple weeks for showrunner of The CW’s The 100, Jason Rothenberg. He’s had to push on past the uproar over Lexa’s death and focus on what he can do now and the directionRead More →

The 100‘s showrunner Jason Rothenberg has addressed fans once again about the tragic passing of Commander Lexa (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey.) This time around he took a more personal turn and posted a letter on Medium that acknowledged how much he’s been watching this situation unfold. The fans reaction hasRead More →