The 100 SDCC 2016 Interview: Jason Rothenberg

Each season of The 100 has dealt with a specific theme. Season 1 was our origin story, season 2 was Mount Weather, and season 3 was the A.I. story, and season 4 the Earth strikes back.

We got a chance to speak with The 100‘s Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg at San Diego Comic Con about the end of the world (again), a lighter tone, and our survivors reactions/responses.

“The environment itself starts to break down. Our heroes realize that pretty quickly that they’re not gonna be able to stop this thing that’s coming,” Rothenberg explained. And like every other season they can’t avoid this problem. “It’s a post apocalyptic show, that another apocalypse is happening in.”

Despite the scale of the danger they face, Rothenberg assured us that this season would be lighter in comparison to the last. (Where murder, torture, and heart wrenching moments were the norm for every single episode.)

“It’s important to me, where do you find hope when there is no hope? How do you react to that sort of terminal diagnosis, that they get, that they’re all gonna die in 6 months? We’ll see a range of reactions.”

Clarke will continue to fight to save everybody (not just her people) while others will maybe just say, “Fuck it. I’ve been fighting too long. It’s time to live. I wanna live to the fullest until the end comes. And throw a party that lasts for 6 months.” People will have an opportunity to love and care for each other in the little time they have left. It won’t just all b fighting and death. *insert sigh of relief here*

To learn more about Jason Rothenberg’s end game plans and splitting our survivors into different and surprising groups/adventure squads, check out the full interview below!

The 100 Season 4 returns Mid-season 2017 on The CW.


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